Charmaine Pauls

Charmaine Pauls

Charmaine Pauls is a Communications and Psychology graduate with a major in Journalism and Public Relations. Besides raising funds for a national welfare organisation and promoting performing arts for a provincial State Theatre, Charmaine has run a graphic design and photography business, and manufactured herbal medicine under her own label.

Although predominantly recognized for her pop romance novels, under Severest Inks Charmaine writes narratives with a stronger literary flavour and more challenging, subversive layers. As a counterpoint to her happy-ever-after books, her works with Severest Inks explore human nature and the darker side of human emotion.

Born in South Africa, Charmaine Pauls has lived in Chile and currently resides in France. Her writings reflect her diverse background, exploring a spectrum of cultural and socio-economic perspectives.

The novelist is a gypsy at heart who enjoys immersing herself in new cultures. Her travels have taken her across the globe. Besides English, she is fluent in Afrikaans, Flemish, Spanish and French.

Her motto is to live life to the limits.

4 thoughts on “Charmaine Pauls

  1. Ek haal my hoed vir jou af, kammie! Geluk met alles wat jy al bereik het… Wens ek het die tyd om al jou boeke te lees.


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